All You Need to Know About Reference Measurements for Field Research: Free How-To Paper!

Reference measurements can make or break your ground truthing research when using a spectroradiometer. If taken improperly, the quality of your spectral data can be compromised.

Download this free five-page paper, "Reference Measurements: The What, Why, When and How," written by Dr. Brian Curtiss, co-founder of ASD Inc.

Get advice from our experts to ensure your field research is performed correctly for the best possible spectral data collection.

Learn all about:

  • What a reference measurement is in relation to reflectance measurements (there is a difference!)
  • Why reference measurements are important when validating imagery
  • How to properly perform a reference measurement in the field
  • When should a reference measurement be taken.

Make sure you perform proper reference measurements - your spectral data relies on it!

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