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ASD at PDAC 2017 - How the TerraSpec® 4 and the TerraSpec Halo mineral identifier benefit an exploration program

Identifying confusing alteration minerals is critical to speed exploration efforts and for accurate resource evaluation. However, many similar-looking alteration minerals that can help you vector...Read more

ASD and PAS at RIU Explorers 2017 - How ASD's TerraSpec® Halo is a Value Add for Your Organization

As the global mining industry outlook rebounds, are you proactively positioning your company to capitalize on your exploration efforts? Read more

Rounding-Up Roundup 2017 And An Update From Customer Chalice Gold

ASD had a great time at the AME Mineral Exploration Roundup in Vancouver, Canada this year! ASD was on-site at this event, exhibiting in our booth all four days, 23 January through 26 January. This...Read more

Is there / was there life on Mars?

Mars, our nearest planetary neighbor, is fascinating. Ongoing studies involving Mars and the Mars landscape may help us answer questions involving the formation of our solar system, our Earth …maybe...Read more

Learn How to Increase Ore Recoveries at SME's 2017 Annual Conference and Expo

Are you curious about multivariate modeling and developing advanced calibrations for your mine site? Would you like to have a better understanding of your processes and improved process efficiency?...Read more

ASD Instrument Service Provided By Our Regional Service Centers

ASD recommends that your instrument be serviced once a year; this will ensure proper functioning of the instrument. To have your instrument serviced once a year is covered under the ASD warranty or...Read more

2017 Students in Mining & Energy Instrument Support Program Winners

We are happy to announce the winners of the ASD Students in Mining & Energy Instrument Support Program! The Students in Mining & Energy Instrument Support Program allows students from around...Read more

2017 Goetz Instrument Program Winners

It is that time of year again to proudly announce the winners of the ASD Goetz Instrument Student Support Program! The Goetz instrument program allows students from around the world to submit a...Read more

Visit With ASD At The AME Roundup 2017 Show!

Mineral Exploration Roundup 2017 is a conference bringing together geoscientists, prospectors, investors, suppliers and First Nation partners to share ideas from every aspect of the industry...Read more

What Is Color?

Almost a year ago, this was a hot topic; can you recollect the controversy regarding the color of the dress in this image below? The original image is in the middle; some people will see the dress as...Read more