Expand your Research with ASD Portable NIR Spectrometers

ASD Inc. was the first to introduce portable field spectrometers, and today, we continue to manufacture the most trusted scientific instruments in the industry. Founded by geologists and earth scientists, we have a proud history providing analytical instrumentation to researchers around the world.

Our rapid, rugged NIR spectrometers and spectroradiometers easily travel from the lab bench to the field, so you can take lab quality measurements where it is convenient.

Use our instruments in a broad range of research and industrial process applications including: chemical reagents, ore analysis, light measurement, raw material analysis, soils analysis, minerals analysis and mineral exploration and mining.

Benefits of an ASD NIR Spectrometer:

  • Non-destructive and capable of examining irregular surfaces with the same ease as a carefully prepared sample.
  • Highly flexible technology for a multitude of applications. Even more powerful when combined with a calibration model.

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